About Cementa

Sweden and cement
Sweden has a long tradition of using cement. Swedish construction techniques and architectural designs using concrete building materials have always been considered very advanced from an international standpoint.
Skånska Cement Ltd. was founded in 1871, and one year later the first cement plant in Sweden was opened. It was located in Lomma, outside the city of Malmö, and was the basis for today’s Cementa. Since then, there have been a total of 14 cement plants in Sweden. Three remain today. They are located at Slite on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland, at Skövde in Västergötland County (Southwest Sweden), and at Degerhamn on the Baltic Sea island of Öland.

Cementa today
With knowledge and experience gained from over a century in operation, Cementa is today a modern, high-tech company. We invest large resources in the development of new products and markets. A few examples of our product development are highperformance, ultra-strong concrete, rapid-hardening concrete, fibre concrete and special concretes for enhancing the durability of constructions. Approximately half of Cementa’s total production is exported, and is supplied from the Slite plant to, among other places, the United States and Africa.